How It Works

 Using Safe SeaFood Coin ($SSF), the information required by your local government regulations such as:

  • Name/Address of Fishery/Retailer
  • Cert. No
  • ID No
  • Original Shipper (if other than above Cert No) Cert No.
  • Harvest Date
  • Harvest Location
  • Type of Seafood
  • Quantity
  • Ship To
  • Ship Date
  • Re-shippers Cert No. -
  • Wet Storage Harvest Date -
  • Lot# -
  • Shellfish Tag Serial No. - 
  • Farmed/Wild
  • Wet Stored at ____ From __  to __
  • Product of (Country Name)

Or any other information that will keep you in compliance with your inspection, maintenance and record keeping requirements. 

This information is then inputted into the Safe SeaFood Coin blockchain by sending a small amount of $SSF (plus a small transaction fee) to a address specifically produced for this purpose and owned by YOU! 

Yes, the only fee to store your tag information on the SSF blockchain is the small transaction fee for the SSF miners to maintain the security and integrity of the SSF blockchain.