About Us

How We Started

Safe Seafood Coin started as a idea from a working Prochef in the sports and entertainment hospitality industry. One day after opening up a drawer full of envelopes holding countless Shellfish and Seafood Harvest Tags an idea that using blockchain technology to track and store and eventually retrieve for inspectors the information contained on the Shellfish and Seafood Harvest Tags could save time, money and resources for the restaurant and hospitality industry while helping Aquaculture, also known as aquafarming and fishery industry save money on record keeping, inventory tracking and inventory loss.

The Idea was born, next step ... Building THE TEAM!!

Who We Are

 When we decided to start building the Safe Seafood coin team, we wanted the best people working behind the scenes at Safe Seafood coin so the first place we looked was Nerd Labs

Nerd Labs is a skilled, enthusiastic and dedicated group of coin creators and developers who have brought to you such cryptocurrencies as $FLAPX and $SAT3 while supplying development support for such coins as $1337, $WW, $RBBT, $BAT, $GDC.

Along with members of Nerd Labs we have brought together developer's from other long standing cryptocurrencies, Netcoin ($NET) and IncaKoin ($NKA)

Our Social Media Manager has worked with $NET, $GSAVE, $CHEESE and $SAT3 among others.

Our Art department has worked on such coins as $FLAPX, $WW, $SAT3 and $GSAVE.

In total there are more than TEN existing cryptocurrencies that members of our team has developed or have been apart of re-branding, promoting, rebuilding and restructuring. 





 Support and Mining 



 Debug Guru / Code Support